On this website, I will keep my Animal Crossing: New Leaf things together.

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My main town.

My goal for Lhye is to get my 10 dreamie villagers together, build a fairy-tale town and max out all my collections.

Read all about my goals for Lhye here!


My second town.

On here, I occasionally time travel and cycle amiibo villagers around for other people.

Citrique is a story town.
Read all about it here!

QR Codes

In my spare (non fish and bug hoarding) time, I enjoy designing paths, flags and clothes.

Find my collection on my Tumblr!

open gates

Open Gates

I am part of the Open Gates community, a very casual Discord community focused on giving AC:NL players a platform where they can chat and exchange friend codes, visit each other's towns, trade items and villagers...

Feel free to join us!